Emergency Aid Headed to Flooded Solomon Islands


Direct Relief is sending emergency aid to the Solomon Islands following massive flooding that has resulted in at least 23 deaths and the displacement of 9,000 people.

Direct Relief’s local partners, the Loloma Foundation and the Solomon Islands Living Memorial Project, report that in addition to massive displacement, the islands are battling a deadly dengue fever outbreak.

The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, which breed in standing water in tropical climates. Already facing a dengue fever epidemic, the Solomon Islands are significantly more susceptible to spread of the disease as mosquitoes breed in the standing water left by the floods.

The Living Memorial Project’s main partner is the National Referral Hospital in capital Honiara on Guadalcanal Island, the largest island in the country.  This 350-bed facility is the main hospital for the entire country, annually serving 45,000 patients free-of-charge.

Direct Relief is arranging an emergency air freight shipment to the hospital to fulfill immediate needs at the facility and in surrounding areas.  The shipment will include requested oral electrolyte solutions for rehydration, emergency medical kits, and hygiene items.  Direct Relief will also arrange a subsequent shipment to fulfill longer-term needs of the displaced and medically underserved populations.

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