Reviews Wanted: How Your Words Can Help People in Need


The simple action of sharing your comments can help Direct Relief raise more support to provide people in need with access to life-saving health care.

Writing a review is a free, easy way to support Direct Relief’s work—your honest feedback helps spread the word to others who are less familiar with Direct Relief’s mission to improve the health and lives of people in need.

Your experience and insight matter, and your commitment to Direct Relief helps keep the good work going. Anyone who has firsthand experience with Direct Relief and is not a paid employee can write a review on GuideStar and leave a comment on Charity Navigator.

To write a review on GuideStar, please click here… And if you have an extra minute, leave a comment on Charity Navigator, too!

GuideStar and Charity Navigator are independent nonprofit organizations who provide unbiased evaluations aimed at advancing transparency, helping donors make informed giving decisions, and enabling well-run charities to demonstrate their commitment to proper stewardship of every dollar they raise.

Over the last 10 years, Direct Relief has received numerous awards and recognitions from some of the nation’s best independent evaluators of charities and humanitarian relief organizations. Direct Relief maintains GuideStar’s Gold Participant rating as well as Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating, which both recognize charities for high-performance in a number of key areas: financial, accountability, transparency, effectiveness and results.

Reviews are an important tool for any nonprofit and dedicated supporters who are able to take a few minutes to share their stories about Direct Relief’s work, are incredibly important. These stories not only help with outreach and fundraising, but also give important insight into how we’re doing.

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