Responding to Flooding in Pakistan & India



In response to heavy monsoon rains causing severe flooding across northern Pakistan and India, Direct Relief has offered medicine and medical supplies to numerous local humanitarian aid groups and health care providers in affected regions.

So far, more than 440 people have been reported dead, 30,000 people are displaced and an estimated 500,000 people are affected, according to US News & World Report.

As the rainfall continues, the health risks to people in the region who have lost their homes increases. During and after flooding, many people are at high risk of developing skin, eye, and respiratory infections as well as other waterborne illnesses.

Doctors For You, headquartered in Mumbai, India, plans to deploy a team of medical practitioners to the flood-affected area to provide care and distribute medical supplies donated by Direct Relief.

Supreme Task, another charitable healthcare provider in India has requested that Direct Relief send needed medical items to Delhi, which they will then distribute to those displaced by the torrential rains and subsequent flooding.

Ajit Pal, National Director of Supreme Task writes, “[The] Indian Government has launched a massive rescue mission, airlifting the affected people to safety as prime minister has called the floods a national calamity but still they are not able to reach to all people because remote villages have been cut off.”

In northeastern Pakistan, the Marafie Foundation is assessing flood damage to their hospitals and clinics and promises to relay their needs to Direct Relief within the next 24 hours.

A trustee of the Marafie Foundation reports,”The unfolding tragedy is in Punjab and the people in that province need the support and medicines are definitely in short supply.”

Direct Relief has supported the  Marafie Foundation since 2005 when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake devastated nearby Balakot, Pakistan.

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