Californithon Gaming Marathon Raises More than $15K for Direct Relief


Four speedrunners of “Mega Man 5” prepare to begin their gameplay at the Californithon 2 event held in Santa Clara, California.

After a weekend of non-stop video gameplay, Californithon 2 has ended, raising over $15,600 for Direct Relief. In under 60 hours, a group of gamers from across the country successfully beat over 45 games.

During Californithon, which was broadcasted live from March 17-19, gamers performed live “speedruns” of some of the most famous video games of all time. In a speedrun, the goal is not only to complete the game, but to do it as fast as possible. To improve their times, the players will breakdown the games to best optimize the route, as well as perform glitches to skip parts of the gameplay.

In one of the featured games, players “darbian” and “SuperSonic71087_” competed in a race of the original Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. They both saved the princess in less than eight minutes, impressing the live audience of over 2,000 viewers.

SuperSonic71087_ takes first place in the heated Super Mario Bros. race over the weekend.

Donors from across the world tuned in to watch over the weekend. Encouraged by commentators speaking on the broadcast, they contributed to the fundraiser, with the knowledge their money would be used to help bring medical aid to those who need it worldwide.

As the weekend wrapped up, their donation total flew past their $10,000 goal, leaving those attending in person moved by the support provided.

Direct Relief thanks everyone involved with Californithon, from the gamers, to the organizers and the donors of the event.

Direct Relief is continuing to push forward in the world of video games with their new initiative, Direct Relief Gaming. Gamers are encouraged to start their own fundraisers, with open support and tools available to help make them a success.

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