Direct Relief Provides $5.5 Million of Emergency Aid in Aftermath of Peru Floods

Even though floodwaters have receded, recovery continues in Peru.

Heavy rains that spanned several months overwhelmed infrastructure in many areas, and flash floods killed more than 150 people in the country. More than 150,000 people were displaced from their homes, and the country is starting to rebuild in what may be a years-long effort.

The same storm system that ravaged the Peruvian coast has had severe effects in several regions of Colombia, as well as northern Argentina. Direct Relief continues to support local partner organizations in affected regions with significant shipments of medical aid, as well as coordinating logistics involved in getting these donations to the communities that need them most.

Even as the headlines have ceased, Direct Relief has continued to send emergency aid, with $5.5 million provided to local organizations administering medical care to people in Peru.

A doctor cares for a young patient in Piura, Peru, as part of a medical volunteer campaign on April 9, 2017, an event supported by Vida Peru and Direct Relief. (Photo by Enrique Castro-Mendivil for Direct Relief)

Direct Relief’s primary partner, Asociacion Vida Peru, is continuing their emergency medical response in coordination with Peru’s Ministry of Health. Their EMT teams are operating primarily in Chiclayo, Piura and in several communities surrounding Lima, badly impacted by flooding.

Direct Relief is preparing a third shipment of emergency medical aid, all items specifically requested by Vida Peru.

Cash support has also been sent to groups serving flood victims in the region, including support to a group of emergency medical responders that are en route to Chiclayo, Peru.

Direct Relief is funding the group’s travel so healthcare workers can administer care in the remote community that has been cut off from services and normal supply chains as a result of the widespread flooding.

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