Devastating Floods Rip Through Fire Impacted California Communities

Powerful rains washed over fire-denuded hillsides early Tuesday morning, creating deadly and devastating flooding for communities across Southern California.

Forbes Ranks Direct Relief among the Top Ten U.S. Charities of 2017 

In the Forbes ranking, Direct Relief earned a perfect score of 100 percent in fundraising efficiency (percent of private donations remaining after fundraising expenses) and a 99 percent rating for its charitable commitment (charitable services as a percent of total expenses).

Charity Navigator: “Ten of the Best Charities”

Direct Relief ranks No. 1 on Charity Navigator’s 2018 list of top-rated charities, measured by financial performance, accountability, and transparency.


Precisely track Direct Relief’s donations of medical aid on a map. Data updates daily.

Mapping Medical Aid
Direct Relief July 1, 2017