President and Chief Executive Officer: Thomas Tighe
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer: Bhupi Singh


Director, USA Programs: Damon Taugher
Senior Program Manager, USA: Paulina Ospina, M.H.S., M.A.
Local Programs and Office Manager: Martha Angeles
Senior Program Manager, USA: Katie Lewis
Procurement Specialist: Emily Roessler
Programs Operations Coordinator, USA: Annie Vu
Programs Operations Coordinator, USA: Caroline Vance
Director, International Programs: Andrew MacCalla, M.A.
Director, International Program Operations: Genevieve Bitter
Program Manager, Latin America: Cydney Justman, M.S.
Program Manager, Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa: Joe Harrison
Program Manager, Africa and Haiti: Kayla McCarthy
Program Manager, Southeast Asia and Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager: Gordon Willcock, Ph.D.
Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordinator: Daniel Hovey
Program Manager, Rare Diseases and Specialty Programs: Ellen Cho
Program Coordinator, Rare Diseases: Amy Mata
Program Coordinator: Erick Molina, M.A.
Program Coordinator: Kelsey Cannon, M.P.H.
India Rare Disease Program Coordinator: Sibi Sreekumaran
Senior Advisor: Trung Mai
Regional Representative: Katerina Takovska


Pharmacist, Emeritus: Cathleen Grabowski, R.Ph.
Pharmacist: Ruth Smarinsky, Pharm. D.


Director of Compliance and Administration: Judy Gerrard Partch
Facilities Manager: Duan Harrion
Controller: Julie Aguiniga
Director of Human Resources: Julie Morello
Accounting and Human Resources Manager: Sandra McGrath
Accounting Manager: Kristin Bleecker
Senior Staff Accountant: Sangeetha Raman
Compliance Counsel: Zahra Nahar-Moore, J.D.
Compliance Associate: Sally Trost
Human Resources Generalist: Jenna Cox
Director, Information, Technology and Quality: Dawn Long, M.B.A
Senior System Administrator: Aaron Skinner
System Administrator: George Linker
Senior SAP Applications Manager: Saravanan Selvaraj
Business Systems Manager: Katie Arnold
Business Systems Analyst: Sergio Becerra
Software Developer: Jon Zaid
Developer/Analyst: Stuart Cuthbertson
Master Data Analyst: Shailja Joshi
Senior Manager, Web: Steve Lange
Customer Service, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator: Karoline Albuquerque

Marketing and Communications

Communications Director: Tony Morain, M.A.
Manager, Information and Product Design: Andrew Fletcher
Digital Content Editor: Lara Cooper
Communications Specialist: Bryn Blanks

Partnerships and Philanthropy

Director, Partnerships and Philanthropy: Heather Bennett
Associate Director, Partnerships and Philanthropy: Dean Axelrod, M.B.A, J.D.
Manager, Corporate Philanthropy: Kevin Molloy, M.P.P, M.B.A
Manager, Foundation Engagement: Ryan Strauss, M.B.A
Manager, Individual Philanthropy: Greg Mora
Manager, The Campaign for Direct Relief: Alisse Harris
Advisor, Programs and Partnerships: Susan Fowler, M.A.
Donor Database Administrator: Laurie Ann Tuttle
Associate, Community Engagement: Samir Rai
Associate, Partnerships and Philanthropy: Jen Jones
Administrative Associate, Philanthropy: Cecilia Gonzalez
Gaming Production Specialist: Matthew “MC” Moffit
Gaming Outreach Specialist: Brooke Montroy-Malone

Philanthropic Investment

Director, Philanthropic Investment: Patricia Bacuros, M.Ed.
Resource Acquisition Coordinator: Maris Watkins
Resource Acquisition Coordinator: Kathryn Spencer

Research and Analytics

Director, Research and Analysis: Andrew Schroeder, Ph.D.
Research and Analysis Associate: Jessica White

Strategic Initiatives

Director, Strategic Initiatives: Tom Roane


Director of Operations: Rick Snekvik
Transportation Manager: Alisa Harnish
Logistics Associate: Jenifer Smith
Operations Lead, USA: Martin Calderon Raya
Operations Lead, Inbound: Gregory Kennedy
Operations Lead, International Outbound: Jonathan Brock
Inventory Control Associate: Jessica Padula
Inventory Control Associate: Eldon Graham
Inventory Control Associate: Victor Ramirez
Inventory Control Associate: Isaac Escobar
Warehouse Assistant: José Barron
Warehouse Assistant: Henry Rodriquez
Warehouse Assistant: Devon Poindexter
Warehouse Assistant: Ricardo Benavides
Warehouse Assistant: Nicholas Monroe
Warehouse Assistant: Gilbert Gonzalez
Warehouse Assistant: Jesus Molina
Warehouse Assistant: Van Riker
Warehouse Assistant: Brandon Rieck

Direct Relief, South Africa

Administration Officer: Rita Tshimanga

Direct Relief, Haiti

Haiti Manager: Catherine Hermantin
Administration Officer: Pascal Senatus

Direct Relief, México

Senior Program Manager, Direct Relief, México: Eduardo Mendoza Jr., M.A.
Administration Officer: Nayeli Durán
Mobile Health Initiatives Manager: Mariana Espinosa, M.Sc.

Medical Advisors

Fistula Program Consultant: Dr. Steven Arrowsmith
Latin America Medical Advisor: Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarenga