A New Way to Give

A New Way to Give

As described in the New York Times, Direct Relief’s new donation interface aims to increase transparency and provide more control and flexibility when making a gift.

With the sliders below, we have tried to make it very easy and clear for you — you can either permit Direct Relief to use your gift with maximum flexibility to provide assistance or decide exactly how your gift is allocated among Direct Relief’s various program activities, including specific emergencies, events, or projects, as well as for work in the U.S. or internationally.

Gifts that allow for flexibility are generally most helpful because they enable adjustments to be made as circumstances change. However, this new approach reflects the simple fact that some people intend their contributions to be used for a particular purpose, area, or group of people. And, for Direct Relief to honor that intent, it must be possible for donors to express it.

Because all Direct Relief’s efforts are supported by charitable gifts, every contribution is important and deeply appreciated.

Please share any feedback you may have and, if you need assistance, please email or call (800) 676-1638.

Also, if you prefer Direct Relief’s original donation page, you can still access it here.

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Thanks to Humble Bundle for inspiring this donation page.

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A New Way to Give December 5, 2016