Direct Relief Women

Cumpio Maternity Clinic, Philippines.

Members of Direct Relief Women share a keen interest in supporting Direct Relief’s maternal and child health programs, especially safe birth initiatives.

Through education, service, and financial giving, Direct Relief Women dynamically supports the work of Direct Relief in creating healthy families around the world and around the corner.

Direct Relief Women host friend-raisers and fundraisers throughout the year in the Santa Barbara area. These events are wonderful opportunities to connect with Direct Relief’s maternal-child health initiatives.

Help Direct Relief Women support safe births – and save lives – around the world.

Direct Relief Women has hosted public health and international development experts, including Edna Adan Ismail of Somaliland and Arlene Samen, founder of One Heart World-Wide, at gatherings at Direct Relief’s headquarters in Santa Barbara as an educational resource.

In the past, the group has also conducted service trips to Direct Relief partner healthcare sites in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.

To get involved or learn about starting a chapter for Direct Relief Women in your community, please send an email to or call (800) 676-1638.