Prenatal Vitamins

More than 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies caused by inadequate dietary intake of vitamins and minerals. During pregnancy and lactation women have an increased need for micronutrients. Adequate intake of iron, folate, vitamin A, and iodine are particularly important for the overall health of mothers and their babies.
Direct Relief Vitmains

Nutrition, Free-of-Charge

To ensure healthy outcomes for women and babies, Direct Relief provides Prenatal Vitamins to partners who provide antenatal care to pregnant and lactating women. The consequences of inadequate nutritional intake during pregnancy and lactation can greatly increase the risk of dying during childbirth, or of giving birth to an underweight or mentally impaired infant. The best way of preventing micronutrient deficiencies is to ensure consumption of a balanced diet – but when unavailable – nutritional supplementation is recommended.

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