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Wildfire Update: Recovery Process Comes into Focus in Northern California

More than six weeks have passed since tragic wildfires burned across Northern California, claiming the lives of 43 people and destroying nearly […]

Wildfire Update: Additional Medical Aid, $50,000 Recovery Grant Delivered to Health Center Damaged by Blaze

Catastrophic wildfires across Northern California, which hit the area on Oct. 8, have displaced upwards of 100,000 people, destroyed at least 8,400 […]

Valley Wildfire Update: Survivors Return Home, Assess Damage

Valley Fire Damage - Photo by Matthew Keys - Flickr

After nearly two weeks of intense fighting by more than 3,000 fire personnel, the Valley Wildfire is 80 percent contained. The fire […]

Emergency Response: California Wildfires, 9/21

Direct Relief Wildfire Response

Valley Wildfire Another 162 homes in Lake Country were lost this weekend to the Valley Wildfire, now 70 percent contained. The Valley […]