Matching Gifts

1. After making a donation to Direct Relief, confirm that your company will match your gift.

Check with your personnel office and request a matching gift form.

Please Note: Your company may require your donation receipt and verification that Direct Relief meets the IRS criteria for tax-exempt organizations. Please click here to view Direct Relief’s IRS determination letter.

2. Complete your Company’s Matching Gift Form

If your company provides a link to their matching gifts platform, you can login and submit your matching gift request to them online. They’ll process the request and send it to Direct Relief for verification.

If your company provides a matching gift form, please send it by mail, fax, or email to Direct Relief:

Direct Relief
27 S. La Patera Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Fax: (805) 681-4838

3. Once you have completed the steps above, Direct Relief will take care of the rest

If you have questions or would like more information on matching gift opportunities, please email, or call Direct Relief (805) 964-4767 or (800) 676-1638.

Thank you for maximizing your impact.