Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne Response – Caribbean



Direct Relief responds to medical emergency in Haiti, Hurricane Jeanne aftermath – route in from Dominican border with mobile medical van

Friday, October 1, Direct Relief sent an emergency air shipment to assist with the medical needs of those affected by Hurricane Jeanne in Haiti. The shipment, which is scheduled to be picked up at the Direct Relief warehouse in Santa Barbara, California, consists of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies including adult and pediatric analgesics and anti-infectives, and assorted first aid and surgical products. Direct Relief’s Dominican Republic-based partner MOSCTHA, which will be taking their mobile van across the Haitian border to provide medical services directly to victims of the hurricane, will receive the shipment.

Direct Relief has also recently provided 16,000 lbs. of medical goods including pharmaceuticals, nutritional drinks and supplements, and first aid medical supplies to healthcare facilities located throughout Jamaica in response to the damage caused by Hurricane Ivan. Direct Relief also provided immediate and ongoing response to areas of Haiti affected by the May floods disaster.

Friday’s shipment will be a total volume of 4 shipping pallets, with weight totaling approximately 3000 pounds.

Some of the specific types of medicines and supplies in the Haiti shipment are: IV solutions, First Aid supplies (gauze, tape, bandages, etc.), Syringes, Examination gloves, Disinfectants, Tylenol, Motrin, Tylenol for children, Tylenol for infants, Ampicillin, Lorabid (cefalosporin), approximately 80,000 tablets, Cefprozil (cefalosporin) suspension, approximately 1440 bottles, Anti-diarrhetics, Mycology anti-fungal cream, Surgical sutures, Multivitamins

Major corporate donors for the medical supplies include Johnson & Johnson, and for medicines include Bristol-Myers Squibb and King Pharmaceuticals.

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