Assistance Offered to Myanmar In Wake of Cyclone



In response to the cyclone that struck Myanmar over the weekend, Direct Relief has offered assistance to regional humanitarian assistance groups.

The storm is reported to have caused tremendous damage and resulted in the tragic loss of more than 10,000 lives.

Direct Relief has contacted partners in Thailand and other neighboring countries, some of whom also run programs in Myanmar, to offer assistance to medical relief efforts for people affected by the storm.

The Myanmar government has yet to issue a formal request for international assistance – historically, the country rarely invites outside groups to provide assistance, even in emergencies.

Direct Relief has engaged in large-scale relief efforts in the region and is actively engaged in the recovery efforts response to the region’s last major cyclone, Cyclone Sidr, which hit Bangladesh November 15, 2007, and resulted in 3,447 deaths and displaced 650,000 people.

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