Norcal Fire Emergency Support Continues



Direct Relief continues to support Northern California clinic and health center partners following the Ponderosa Fire that threatened communities in Shasta and Tehama counties in August.

An emergency shipment of inhalers is being prepared for Shasta Community Health Center in Redding to be distributed to patients suffering from respiratory problems related to the fire and smoke.

Shasta Community Health Center connected Direct Relief with Shingletown Medical Center immediately following the start of the fire as the medical center was located in the fire’s direct path. A shipment of inhalers and nebulizers was sent overnight in support of Shingletown’s relief efforts and to ensure that their patients—up to 60 percent of whom live in evacuation areas—had access to needed medical products.

Learn more: Direct Relief’s response to the Ponderosa Fire and past experiences responding to wildfires across the United States.

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