Combined Federal Campaign Participants Can Support Health For All


The 2012-2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway, and Direct Relief needs your help

The 2012 fall campaign season is in full swing. Please don’t forget to choose Direct Relief (CFC # 10665) as your charity of choice in the largest annual workplace charity campaign. If you are a federal or military employee, this is a chance for you to make a meaningful gift with every confidence, knowing that your support will be used effectively and responsibly—with 100% of your contribution going to people who need help.

Why Your Gift Matters
Over the last year, almost $100,000 of CFC funds have been used in resource-poor areas of Africa and Asia, where thousands of expectant mothers will deliver their babies safely this year with assistance from midwives equipped by Direct Relief. Moreover, tens of thousands of children will have the simple, appropriate medicine to fight back against childhood pneumonia, the leading killer of children worldwide. And, in all 50 U.S. states, low-income and uninsured patients at nonprofit health centers and clinics will receive necessary medications or supplies because of the support provided by CFC donors to the Direct Relief USA program.

We consider every dollar contributed to Direct Relief through the Combined Federal Campaign to be an investment in the health of underserved people in need, and every federal and military donor to be one of the reasons we are able to continue this vital work. Your donation equals better health. It’s that simple.

How You Can Make An Impact
Federal employees and military personnel can donate to Direct Relief through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) each year. Those not employed by the federal government or the military can give through other workplace giving campaigns such as United Way and state and local government opportunities. Direct Relief is honored to be a participating member of the Do Unto Others (DUO) federation: America’s emergency relief, development, and humanitarian outreach services. Direct Relief’s number is 10665 and can be found in the CFC directory.

Giving is Good Medicine

You don't have to donate. That's why it's so extraordinary if you do.