New Fugazi Edits Album Benefits Direct Relief


DJ Chris Lawhorn,  founder of  the Case/Martingale record label and former resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine, released his fifth album, Fugazi Edits, today. A portion of the proceeds from album sales will benefit Direct Relief’s work delivering life-changing health care to people in need.

“Apart from my interest in the causes with which Direct Relief is involved, I was particularly blown away by the organization’s efficiency,” said Lawhorn on why he chose to support Direct Relief.

“With any charitable effort, a common concern is making sure that the donations actually make an impact—rather than being whittled down by bureaucracy and overhead. And, Direct Relief has an unbelievably efficient modelin terms of turning money into action and effecting change.”

The new album features 22 tracks which fuse excerpts from the complete discography of the post-hardcore band Fugazi. “I tried to reimagine the band’s body of work as an instrumental, experimental mix.”

The DJ told Direct Relief that he  loved listening to Fugazi’s music growing up and that the band inspired him to start his own record label. After 15 years of running his own label, he wanted to take what he had learned as a DJ and producer and apply them to the music that motivated him in his youth.

Lawhorn said because the band was so generous in allowing him to cut up and reassemble their music, he wanted to pass along his good fortune and give back to a cause he believes in.

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