1% For Humanity: A New Way to Improve Health Worldwide

Global poverty is complex, but choosing to give can be simple. That’s why Direct Relief is excited to be one of five project partners through 1% For Humanity, a nonprofit organization committed to moving individuals and businesses to give at least 1% of their gross income to fight extreme poverty and injustice.

With a focus on maternal and child health areas, the Direct Relief project has a current goal of $25,000.  All donations to 1% For Humanity will be evenly split between the five current projects in order for all goals to be reached equally.

The funds will aid Direct Relief in equipping midwives, expanding emergency obstetric care, and fighting fistula in Somalia, Nepal, Haiti and other areas of the world.

Members can either join as individuals and chose a monthly recurring donation amount, or as a business, in which companies can commit to donating at least 1% of their annual gross income on an ongoing basis.

1% For Humanity relies on a “sustainable, committed movement of regular humanitarian giving,” a movement funded by a small, regular donation of 1% of participants’ budget – affordable to maintain within a regular income.

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  1. I’d like to donate money to those people who are poor.


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