Responding to Colorado Flooding



Direct Relief is sending emergency shipments of medicines and supplies to help people in Colorado recover after a week of rains left eight killed, 1,500 homes destroyed, and more than 1,000 people stranded.  Roads have been washed out leaving search-and-rescue teams operating via helicopter. According to the National Guard, the rescue operations are the largest civilian helicopter mission in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina.  President Obama issued a disaster declaration over the 15 most-affected counties.

The emergency relief shipments include oral antibiotics, wound and personal care items, and medications to treat chronic illnesses.

Two of Direct Relief’s shipments, due to arrive tomorrow, are en route to Sunrise Monfort Family Clinic, with locations in Loveland, Greeley, and Evans, Colorado.  The clinic treats 35,000 patients each year, 60 percent of whom are uninsured.  Monfort Family Clinic notified us that all of its locations are okay and remain open, however reports indicate that up to 1,200 homes in the community are currently flooded.  Many people in the area are low-income and uninsured. The clinic is anticipating an increased need for medications and hygiene items for their displaced patients that are living in shelters.

Direct Relief’s Emergency Response Team continues to assess health-related needs and is actively reaching out to partners helping communities affected by the devastation.

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