Mobilizing Aid for People Affected by Cyclone Phailin


Direct Relief is mobilizing five emergency Cyclone Modules filled with critical medicines and supplies to be shipped to its long-term, trusted partners in India who are caring for people affected by Cyclone Phailin.

These modules will be specifically prepared to treat the most common medical problems that occur when large numbers of people are displaced due to widespread flooding. They are also tailored based on feedback from partners working on the ground in India who wrote:

About 10.2 million people are directly affected by the mammoth fury of both the cyclone and subsequent flooding, which is far worse than the cyclone. People lost their homes, possessions, livestock and crops. About 0.2 million people are homeless and now living in the streets and they do not have safe drinking water nor sufficient food.

The cyclone has destroyed electric grids, poles, and transformers, etc. so for many days people are without electricity. As a result, water supply is also stopped. Diseases like cholera, diarrhea, malaria and even snake bites are seen.

The affected people are desperate for candles, flashlights, medicines, food (dry), safe drinking water, tablets for water purification, and blankets. Relief work has begun however there are many places where relief is yet to reach.

The modules  will be flown to the Bhubaneswar Airport in Odisha state where the cyclone caused extensive damage. From there, Direct Relief partner organizations will dispatch them into the field to treat people most affected.

Direct Relief also requested support from its pharmaceutical partners in India who offered to make their local inventories available as needed. Additionally, Direct Relief is prepared to ship its stockpile of antibiotics that are pre-positioned in Europe specifically for this type of emergency.

The total wholesale value of the five modules exceeds $1.3 million.

Direct Relief has extensive experience in providing cyclone and hurricane relief. Since 2007, Direct Relief has pre-positioned hurricane modules in six Caribbean countries and in 50 clinics in the United States to prepare at-risk communities for emergencies.


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