Shalom is a nonprofit organization established in 2001.  The founder, Hiroyuki Yoshino, evacuated his wife and daughter from Fukushima City following the disaster in 2011.  Passionate about the environment, peace building, and the rights of children, Yoshino leads Shalom to advocate for protection from radiation, now focusing on survivors of the Fukushima disaster.

Supporting Healthy Growth of Children in Fukushima

Project Dates: September 2013 to March 2015
Amount: $25,000

Shalom aims to ensure healthy growth and development of children in Fukushima by protecting them from radiation.  This is done by conducting radiation surveys and sharing results with parents, teachers, and those concerned with the welfare of children.  In addition, Shalom appeals to the government to implement measures that will reduce the risk of radiation on children.

  • Measure Radiation Levels: Shalom conducts assessments of radiation levels in schools, nurseries, playgrounds, and routes which children commonly take to and from school.  This allows parents and teachers to understand “cool areas” and “hot spots” of radiation, and determine what activities and areas are safe for children.
  • Map Production: Data and analysis collected by Shalom is shown on a map for use by 30 local nurseries and schools.
  • Conduct Surveys and Interviews: Interaction with parents and children allow Shalom to help determine the effect of radiation on the growth of children in Fukushima.
  • Retreats for Children: Young residents of Fukushima Prefecture go on retreat or study programs in low radiation exposure areas to help clear radiation from the body.  Retreats also allow children to experience the outdoors in a way that they are not allowed due to high radiation in some areas.

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