Responding to the 8.2 Earthquake in Chile

Direct Relief’s Emergency Response Team is in touch with its partner Fundación FEDES in Chile following the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the country’s northern coast Tuesday evening, killing six people.

Fundación FEDES (Fundación Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social), is a Chilean nongovernmental organization that helps disadvantaged people in communities throughout the country.

More than 900,000 people were evacuated from Chile’s coastal areas when authorities issued a tsunami warning, however most returned home this morning.

The president of FEDES has been in touch with the adviser to the Minister of Health in Chile who reports that in the most affected areas there are still 500-600 people in evacuation shelters. Direct Relief is working with FEDES and the Chilean Ministry of Health to determine the best way to help those who remain displaced as well as to determine medical supply needs at the local hospitals.

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  1. I Have a friend that lives in Chile, who has been keeping me informed on the Earthquake damage, and now the devastating Fires. I have told him I want to help.
    What I need to get financial disaster relief is a link in English that I can post to my Group on Facebook, one that will allow donations from individuals in the United States.
    I am a member of ONAC, Okluehvah Native American Church. Although we are a Native American Church, we strive to bring all people together, and accept all people and Nationalities.
    If you can Email me a link in English, that will be used for helping those who have lost homes and fishermen that have lost their boats, as well as those affected by the devastating Fires, I can send it out on Facebook to many Members, who can also share it, and spread the word about the devastation going on In Chile. This will be spread Nationwide on facebook here in the US.
    Please respond as soon as possible, or I may have to go through another organization to get the aid desperately needed by the people of Chile.

  2. Here is the latest update on how we’re responding to the fire in Valparaiso. Thank you for getting in touch with us.