Volunteer Spotlight: The Dependable Helping Hand


In honor of National Volunteer Week (April 6-12, 2014), Direct Relief is spotlighting dedicated volunteers who help make the work possible. Learn about some of the wonderful people behind the scenes.

A resident of Santa Barbara for more than 30 years, Lorna Lee has spent the last 10 volunteering for Direct Relief by helping out whenever she could, most recently as one of more than a dozen esteemed Holy Rollers.

Originally from Palo Alto, Lorna moved down south to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara and never looked back. Over the years Lorna worked a variety of jobs in the community and then retired early, freeing up her time to volunteer and give back. In addition to Direct Relief, she also volunteers as a docent at the Santa Barbara County Court House’s newly restored bell tower.

Five years ago, Lorna joined the Holy Rollers – a group of women who devote their Friday mornings to repurposing donated bed sheets from the nearby Bacara Resort and Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore into bandages to be sent to hospitals and clinics around the world.

The dedicated team has become a staple of Direct Relief known for their laughter, friendship and, most importantly, their hard work. Since they started in 1988, they have rolled nearly 400,000 bandages. In the last year alone, packages were sent to 30 countries around the world.

Lorna describes the Holy Rollers as “inspiring, fun friends” who make volunteering every Friday a great time. Lorna feels lucky to be able to spend time with such a “great group of women.”

“The people are my favorite, they are all happy to have a job where you are doing something good for the world,” said Lorna of Direct Relief staff and volunteers.

In addition to working with Holy Rollers, Lorna offers up her time whenever needed, putting together personal care packs and volunteering at events.

“Lorna’s always willing to roll up her sleeves and dig in to whatever we ask. We know we can depend on her,” said Martha Angeles, Direct Relief’s local programs manager.

With the help of dedicated volunteers like Lorna, Direct Relief is able to continue to assist those in need of medical attention around the world. Thank you, Lorna, here’s to another 10 years!

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