Inspiring Moms of May: Mother-Daughter Duo Care for Kansas Kids in Need


Guadalupe Clinic

At Direct Relief, May is for moms. Throughout the month, we will regularly honor mothers around the world who inspire us. Today’s story comes from Guadalupe Clinic in Wichita, Kansas.

For Jill Grimes and her daughter Tabitha Young, working with generations of local families in need has become one of the most rewarding aspects of running the Trinity Daycare Center.

The Trinity Daycare Center is a sister agency of Guadalupe Clinic in Wichita, Kansas, a Direct Relief partner that provides medical care to people without medical insurance. Over the years, the clinic has shared essential supplies from Direct Relief, like sunscreen and children’s medicine, with the daycare center, which currently serves more than 60 children.

Jill has worked as the director of the center for 21 years and said, “It is wonderful working with children and then having the opportunity to work with their children.”

This special sense of community is what makes the Trinity Daycare Center such an amazing organization as they work to provide care for underserved families in the area.

The mother-daughter duo provide an invaluable resource to working mothers, many of whom are working full-time to support their families and provide their children with the best care during this crucial time of development.

The Guadalupe Clinic and Trinity Daycare Center are able to work together to provide an underserved portion of the Wichita community with the resources they need. Direct Relief is honored to partner with Guadalupe Clinic as they not only provide healthcare for those who cannot afford it, but are also able to distribute supplies to agencies in the area with a similar mission.

“When Jill received the cases of sunscreen donated by Direct Relief she became tearful because sunscreen is costly, especially when it is needed for the entire child care center,” said David Gear, Executive Director of Guadalupe Clinic.

Direct Relief would like to thank this mother-daughter team for their years of service and dedication to making sure that while local mothers are hard at work their children receive the best care possible!

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