Hurricanes: The 10 U.S. Counties Most At Risk (as seen in USA Today)

To better inform Direct Relief’s extensive Hurricane Preparedness Program, the Research and Analytics team conducted research on areas most vulnerable to hurricanes, determining the ten U.S. counties most at-risk (shown in the map above).   The conclusions are based on historical storm data coupled with social vulnerability indexes to help drive decisions around which communities Direct Relief pre-positions massive amounts of critical medicines at the start of hurricane season, which officially began June 1. The research was featured in USA Today.

Read the article to learn more: Hurricane danger zone: The 10 places most at risk

The top 10 counties most vulnerable to hurricanes:

Desoto, Fla.

Houston, Texas

Polk, Texas

Issaquena, Miss.

Highlands, Fla.

Avoyelles, La.

Walker, Texas

WIlkinson, Miss.

Glades, Fla.

Kemper, Miss.

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