Partner Spotlight: Caring for Underserved Communities in Chiapas, Mexico


On a recent mission to Chiapas, Mexico, Mammoth Medical Missions (MMM) was able to provide health care for over 250 underserved people in need of treatment at the local San Andrés Larráinzar Clinic.

A Direct Relief partner, Mammoth Medical Missions is a nonprofit organization based in Mammoth Lakes, California that works worldwide to provide medical, surgical and general healthcare relief to underserved rural and mountain communities. They also provide emergency medical response in the case of large-scale disasters.

Many of the patients treated in Chiapas, Mexico, do not have regular access to health care, so MMM was able to provide them with a truly invaluable resource. In just four and a half days, their team was able to perform 54 successful surgeries and see over 250 patients.

While working nine-hour days in the clinic, volunteers were careful to consider the appropriate treatment when seeing patients so that they would not be in need of a serious follow-up while also making sure they were able to see as many patients as possible.

Direct Relief donated more than $18,000 worth of medical supplies to MMM to ensure that they would be able to see as many patients as possible. One of the more critical supplies donated, a tabletop autoclave, which sterilizes equipment in a safe and efficient manner, will remain at the San Andrés clinic where it will continue to help provide patients with safe surgeries.

“It’s always gratifying to know that we are helping the most innocent of the populace who have no voice or control over their lot in life,” said anesthesiologist Kurt Smith. “Children are often the most benefitted from these missions.”

Direct Relief is honored to partner with Mammoth Medical Missions as their teams of doctors and nurses volunteer their time to provide care for those in need.

nurse with product
Photo: Sara B. May, Mammoth Medical Missions, Inc.

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