Hurricane Odile: Monitoring Medical Needs As Storm Strikes Baja California


Hurricane Odile 9 15 14 map screenshot
Hurricane Odile’s path in relation tracked by Direct Relief’s Hurricane Preparedness Program map.

In response to Hurricane Odile, Direct Relief has reached out to contacts in Mexico’s Baja California and continues to monitor medical needs in the communities located in the storm’s path.

The center of the storm is expected to remain near or over the peninsula through Wednesday, reports the Wall Street Journal. While the storm weakened to a category two hurricane by the time it made landfall, the heavy rain and high winds have forced thousands of people to evacuate to temporary shelters.

The Emergency Response Team is in touch with Aeromedicos, a medical missions group that works in Southern Baja, Mexico. They report that they will be responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Odile if they receive requests for assistance.

As the rainfall continues, the health risks to people in the region increases. During and after flooding, many people are at high risk of developing skin, eye, and respiratory infections as well as other waterborne illnesses.

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