Bumi Wadah Continues Care in Wake of Typhoon Hagupit

Four new babies and their families prepare to go home from Bumi Wadah after a busy night following Typhoon Hagupit. Courtesy photo.

Four new babies and their families prepare to go home from Bumi Wadah after a busy night following Typhoon Hagupit. Courtesy photo.

Bumi Sehat re-erecting medical tent

A medical team ready to deploy to help survivors of Typhoon Hagupit. Courtesy photo.

Following Typhoon Hagupit (known locally as Ruby) in the Philippines, Direct Relief received the below update from Robin Lim and her team at Bumi Wadah, which focuses on providing maternal and child health care to survivors of both Typhoon Haiyan and now Hagupit.

There are very few human casualties in Leyte, where our Bumi Wadah clinic is.  But there are damages. Fortunately the roof on the small borrowed clinic is intact. The team is re-erecting the big medical tent, even in the dark. Clearly we need to build something of our own, stronger, safer and sustainable.  With climate change, these storms will not stop, the ocean is so warm now, the typhoons just get bigger, more frequent, and more fierce.

Our team continued, even in evacuation, to see and treat patients. They are so devoted. And… the pregnant moms held their babies in, so this week will be lively indeed.

Thank YOU so much, for the Funding… the prayers and support.

Flooding following Hagupit. Courtesy photo.

Flooding following Hagupit. Courtesy photo.

They also report that they have prenatal vitamins, water filters, and solar suitcases in stock from various supporting organizations. Additionally, they are sending a medical team with a large tent and supplies to Borongan where they have not had contact from anyone since the typhoon.

Direct Relief began supporting Bumi Wadah (the Philippines branch of longtime partner Yayasan Bumi Sehat) in the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. The Bumi Wadah team adopted a community health and childbirth relief camp in Dulag, one of the hardest-hit islands of Leyte. Direct Relief helped supply the camp with medical supplies and nutritionals to keep mothers and babies who survived healthy.

Bumi Wadah has received a total of $100,000 in two phases of grants to continue their work as the only truly free maternal and infant health service located in the storm zone. Since Haiyan, more than 700 babies have been born in the birthing center and thousands of prenatal check ups and postpartum evaluations have been conducted, in addition to other free medical services they provide.

In the wake of Typhoon Hagupit, the dedicated team at Bumi Wadah will continue to be supported by Direct Relief in their mission to save the lives of mothers and babies at risk in the aftermath of the storm.