Emergency Update: Tornadoes Tear Through Oklahoma


A powerful series of tornadoes brought on by severe storms bore through Oklahoma Wednesday night, causing one death and dozens of injuries.

CNN reported significant damage across a 2-mile square area in Moore, Oklahoma, where high winds tore roofs from homes and downed trees. As many as 36,000 households were without power as of early Thursday morning.

Patients with minor injuries sought care at the Moore Medical Center well into the evening Wednesday. The facility suffered only slight damage to its exterior. The original Moore Medical Center was leveled in 2013 by a deadly tornado.

Wednesday’s storm came weeks after the deployment of 400 Direct Relief Medical Packs to health facilities across the U.S., the Moore Health Center among them. Each pack is designed specifically for medical professionals to respond to health needs that arise during a tornado or other emergency.

With the National Weather Service issuing an enhanced storm alert for Central and Eastern Oklahoma, Northwestern Arkansas, and a portion of Southern Missouri, Direct Relief will remain in regular contact with local health partners and is prepared to offer needed medical assistance.

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