Nepal Earthquake: Direct Relief Commits Initial $50,000 Cash to Emergency Response

[Update: Direct Relief’s $50,000 commitment was increased to $500,000 on 4/27]

Nepal Earthquake Response - Direct Relief

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As the massive damage, tragic loss of life, and widespread injuries​ from today’s magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal comes into focus​, Direct Relief has made an initial cash commitment of $50,000 for the immediate deployment of emergency medical response personnel and essential health commodities. Direct Relief has also made available its entire current medical supply inventory, valued at $100 million, for the response.

Upon learning of the devastating quake, Direct Relief contacted and offered assistance to several Nepal-based hospitals, delivery centers, midwifery programs, and other health-service delivery organizations, as well as partner organizations in India that are responding to the e​mergency. Included among them is Doctors for You, a highly regarded Indian organization deploying a medical team Monday local time.

“In Kathmandu Valley, hospitals are overcrowded, running out of room for storing dead bodies and also running short of emergency supplies,” the United Nations stated today in its situation report on the emergency. “There are reports that the hospital stocks are depleting/used up and there is a need for a government decision on bringing kits from the military.”

The UN report also noted most people are staying outside for fear of aftershocks.

As Direct Relief responds to the tragedy, it will do so in close collaboration with local groups and the government in Nepal, which have requested international assistance. Direct Relief will also continue to work with other international organizations involved in the emergency response.

The Need for Medical Resources

Direct Relief is working with many of the world’s leading healthcare companies, who have provided much of the inventory made available today.  Direct Relief will continue to collaborate with these industry partners to provide additional resources as needed. This may include materials for bone fractures, wound-care supplies, antibiotics, oral rehydration solutions, antidiarrheals, vitamins and nutritional supplement–each of which proved critical following disasters including the 2005 quake in northern Pakistan, which claimed 80,000 lives, and the massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Anticipating Logistical Challenges

In this effort, Direct Relief draws on its experience aiding in the aftermath of a 2008 quake in Kashmir. Like then, this crisis will be characterized by the hugely complex logistical challenge of responding to the unfolding emergency in both cities and remote mountainous rural villages. The emergency response will be centralized in severely affected urban centers, and decentralized in remote and inaccessible rural villages.

The emergency response in Nepal will be particularly complex given the high altitude and mountainous terrain, the landslide damage to road infrastructure, the lack of landing access for fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft in remote areas, the damage to communication lines, and the distances between affected communities.

Coordinating with Local Responders

Recognizing this complexity, Direct Relief has reached out to the local organizations best positioned to understand local needs and inform external assistance.  Such groups include the following:

Direct Relief’s initial commitment of $50,000 is from its general funds, and not dependent on whether the organization receives contributions designated for this particular event.  Moreover, consistent with the obligation to honor donors’ intentions,  100% of any and all contributions designated for Nepal by donors will be used exclusively for this purpose, not for the organization’s general support or other program activities.

  1. I’m a Nepali living in Bay Area. I am also a physician. Collecting medical/ first aid supplies. Can your organization help to channelize the material on a timely manner? Who are you handing out the materials to?

  2. Hello,
    Previously I worked with Children’s Medical Aid Foundation in Sonoma, CA, shipping out dated medical supplies from the hospital that I work in to Dr. Shankar Rai at the Model Hospital in Khatmandu. That avenue for transport is no longer open. I have no communication about Dr. Rai and his team. At this time I have obtained a large box of sutures (hundreds), various sizes, steri strips, etc. Is there anyone in the North Bay area leaving for Nepal, or is there a way that I could at least mail the sutures to you? All are in original sterile packages. I can continue to collect outdated supplies as they become available (various cast materials, bandages etc.), but have no resources to transport.
    Please let me know if this is of interest to you. If not, the best and strongest to you and your exceptional efforts!

  3. We are heartbroken by the devastation and loss of life in Nepal and are pledging our support in honor of Sherpa Jamling Tenzing and his family and friends, who were so kind and loving to members of our family during their visit to Nepal last November. Do you need hands on support at the warehouse now, and if so, what hours can volunteers come to assist?

    Thank you for all you are doing for these beautiful people.

    The Daniels Family

  4. If you need office volunteers in response to the current earthquake disaster I would like to help. I’m available Tue, Thursday and weekends and evenings. I have many years of office experience, good computer skills, data entry, fundraising and grant writing. I have a Master’s in Education from UCSB and worked at Santa Barbara Public health for 10 years.

    Please call on me if I can help in any way.

    Thanks for your good work!

    Laura Price

    telephone: 207-701-1253

  5. Hello,

    I am contacting you to see if there is any opportunity for my company to supply Direct Relief with shelter needs, if there are any, for your response to the Nepal earthquake disaster.

    My name is Mandy Kimsey. My company is K&W Supply, Inc. located in Cornelia, GA, which is approximately 75 miles northeast of Atlanta. We are the manufacturer of a unique temporary shelter structure. It is a seamless geodesic dome, with a lightweight PVC pipe frame. We have sizes that range from 14′ to 30′ in diameter.

    We currently have over 4500 in stock and ready ship from our location in Cornelia. The vast majority of these are 14′ and 18′ diameter shelters.

    The tent design is the property of Shelter Systems, Inc out of Menlo Park, CA. Their website,, contains a great deal of information on the product. We partner with them to manufacture and warehouse large quantities of shelters so that we have the opportunity to supply those who respond in relief or refugee situations.

    Our tents have been all over the world and purchased by the UN, FEMA, and various other NGOs.

    I am not fully aware of Direct Relief’s need in this area. But if there is any opportunity to work with you please let me know.

    I hope we will get an opportunity to speak further.

    Thank you for your time.


    Mandy Kimsey

    K&W Supply, Inc.
    616 N Main St
    Cornelia, Ga 30531
    (706) 778-8522

  6. Thanks to you for this effort in bringing smiles to the victims in Nepal. If only world leaders can pay more attention to relief efforts in disaster zones rather than spending unnecessary funds on weapons, more lives would be saved yearly.

  7. Thanks for reaching out. To get on our volunteer alert list, please email with your request.

  8. Thank you for your compassion for people who have survived this tragedy and desire to help. To get on our volunteer email list and be alerted of opportunities at the warehouse, please send and email to

  9. Please email and request to be put in touch with someone on our Philanthropic Investments team. They can better discuss this type of donation.

  10. Please email with more information about your medical mission. We equip licensed physicians with hand-carries of medicines from time to time. Perhaps you could join that team.