Second Major Quake Hits Nepal in as Many Weeks


A birthing tent set up by Direct Relief

UPDATE: A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal earlier today, claiming at least 19 lives and injuring nearly 1,000. The powerful quake, the second to hit the country in less than three weeks, struck near the border of Nepal and China and was reportedly felt as far as New Delhi.

A team from Direct Relief was setting up medical tents to augment an earthquake-damaged birthing clinic when the mountains began to shake and buildings fell. People with injuries arrived at the clinic soon after, and two women at the clinic went into labor within an hour. Direct Relief staff proceeded to rush them across town to a hospital for more advanced care [footage from the drive below].

With a high possibility for rain tonight in Nepal, monsoon season ahead, and more people displaced and inevitably sleeping outdoors, today’s earthquake compounds the humanitarian impact already being felt by thousands.

Read more about Direct Relief’s earthquake response activities in Nepal here: here

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