Every Bit(Coin) Counts



The inspiring thing about philanthropy is that no one needs to donate to charity, yet they do. They donate to help people they’ve never met who live in places they’ve never visited.

And when they’ve given what they can, they find ways to give more: they sell lemonade to their classmates; they rally their office to wear jeans on Fridays;  they play Zelda for six days straight.

For all that, 100 percent of their donation – no matter its size – should count.

Digital currency such as bitcoin makes it possible. With minimal to no fees, smaller donations via bitcoin can avoid the hefty percentage that’s often lost in transaction fees through standard payment methods. This allows anyone who wants to donate to do so – whether it’s $5 or $0.05 – and ensures their donation will count.

It’s why Direct Relief is excited to partner with ChangeTip — a micropayment platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to donate any amount.

Microdonations for Micronutrients

Taking prenatal vitamins is a proven, cost-effective, and recommended protocol for pregnant women. A nine-month supply of prenatal vitamins  costs only $5 or 0.02 bitcoins. Unfortunately, access to these vitamins is extremely limited in many parts of the world.

Inadequate nutritional intake during pregnancy can greatly increase the risk of dying during childbirth, or of giving birth to an underweight or impaired infant. Vulnerable populations that live in poverty and lack access to a variety of nutritional foods are at even greater risk.

Through August 26, Direct Relief and ChangeTip are teaming up to provide 2000 expecting mothers in Liberia and Sierra Leone with prenatal vitamins.

Visit directrelief.org/bitcoin to learn about the campaign and get involved.

Giving is Good Medicine

You don't have to donate. That's why it's so extraordinary if you do.