Myanmar: Flooding and Landslides



Situation Report 8/6:

The Government of Myanmar has appealed for international assistance in the form of both cash and in kind donations as the flooding continues. Food, water, access to healthcare and adequate shelter are the priority needs at this time. Direct Relief has received more specific requests of water purification, plastic sheeting, life vests, bandages, mosquito nets and medicines to treat waterborne diseases. As of 8/6. the Myanmar government is allowing emergency supplies to come into the country without any custom duties. In addition to the Emergency Medical Modules, Direct Relief is planning to send Emergency Medical Packs to equip first responders on the ground with essential medical supplies.

Reported Deaths: 88

People Affected : 330,000

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Situation Report 8/5:

Heavy monsoon rains during the month of July have caused severe flooding and landslides in 12 of Myanmar’s 14 states. Cyclone Komen, which made landfall in neighboring Bangladesh on July 30th, brought strong winds and heavy rains, resulting in further floods, landslides, and wind damage across the country.

Current weather forecasts are predicting additional flooding with more rain in the coming days.

Reported Deaths: 69

People Affected: 250,000

With a per capital GDP of $1,105, Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in East Asia. Direct Relief is contacting healthcare provider partners on the ground to gauge their need for medical supplies.

Direct Relief in Myanmar:

Direct Relief has sent 16 shipments totalling in approximately $3,777,163 worth of medical supplies to Myanmar since Cyclone Nargis in 2008. In addition, Direct Relief has provided $555,000 in cash grants to different local organizations.

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