Emergency Response Update: South Carolina Floods, 10/6


While the skies cleared over South Carolina today for the first time in more than a week, the state still confronts steep challenges after floods caused estimated excess of $1 billion in damages. And with the weather-related death toll in South Carolina now at 14 people, 42,000 homes without running water, and 400,000 residents under a “boil water advisory” for fear of potential bacterial contamination, a host of public safety concerns remain.

Direct Relief’s Response

Through its Hurricane Preparedness Program, Direct Relief had medical supplies prepositioned with health clinics in the region before the storms hit. As the weather intensified last week and over the weekend, Direct Relief extended offers of assistance to 30 more health centers.

At the request of the CareSouth Carolina health center in Hartsville, Direct Relief’s first shipment of medical aid departed the warehouse today. The shipment contained Family Emergency Care Kits for patients whose homes were lost or damaged in the floods. The kits, which were sponsored by CVS, are scheduled to arrive at CareSouth Carolina Wednesday afternoon.

As facilities continue to appraise their patients’ needs in the coming days, Direct Relief is ready to respond to additional requests for medical aid.

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