Ecuador Earthquake: Direct Relief Prepares Aid as Crisis Unfolds



Direct Relief’s Response

Direct Relief’s main objective in any large-scale emergency response is to deliver emergency medical resources as fast and efficiently as possible – and only those that are requested, approved by the responsible in-country authority, and appropriate for the circumstances. Because Direct Relief works with organizations in over 70 countries on an ongoing basis, it has existing relationships and vetted partnerships with local health institutions in many of the world’s most disaster-prone regions. This includes Ecuador, where Direct Relief works with ten local partners across the country.

Within hours of the quake, Direct Relief established contact with Ecuadorian partners and health officials to understand the medical needs and evaluate transport and in-country logistics options.

Recognizing the earthquake’s devastating impact, Direct Relief made available its inventory of critical medical resources. The offer was met with a request from the government for needed medical goods – prescription medications, medical equipment, and nutritional items.

Direct Relief is now sending a large volume of specifically requested medical items, which are expected to arrive in Ecuador in the coming week.

Emergencies of this magnitude often have long-term effects, and significant humanitarian needs will remain beyond the immediate response period. Direct Relief was providing humanitarian support to partners in Ecuador before the earthquake and will continue to do so — in the immediate-term, but also with recovery and rehabilitation efforts in the years ahead.

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