Cyclone Roanu Inflicts Deadly Flooding Across Sri Lanka, Threatens Bangladesh, India, Myanmar

Roanu Cyclone

• Reported Deaths: 64 • Affected People: 2,300,000+

Direct Relief has extended offers of support this week to the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Center and other longstanding partners in Sri Lanka after powerful storm dropped nearly 15 inches of rain on the island nation. The storm triggered flashfloods and deadly landslides that buried entire villages, forced nearly 300,000 people to evacuate, and claimed at least 64 lives. More than 150 people remain missing.

Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar On Alert

Since shifting northward along India’s east coast, the storm intensified into a tropical cyclone (Roanu) and is expected to make landfall early Saturday.

Bangladesh, northeastern India, and northern Myanmar — each located in the cyclone’s crosshairs — have begun bracing for heavy rains, strong winds, and the possibility of life-threatening flooding and landslides.

Anticipating the need for humanitarian assistance, Direct Relief has reached out to partners in each of the three countries and remains ready to respond. Direct Relief will continue to monitor the situation through the weekend and provide updates as information becomes available.

Recent News: Cyclone Roanu

Cyclone Roanu: Bangladesh moves 2 million people from coast

Bangladesh is relocating around 2 million people from its coastal areas ahead of cyclone Roanu’s anticipated landfall on Saturday evening, an event that also has authorities in neighbouring India and Myanmar on edge. The cyclonic storm brought heavy rains this week in Sri Lanka, triggering two landslides that were feared to have killed around 150 people and forced more than 223,000 persons from their homes.

Deadly Cyclone Roanu to incite major flooding, landslides in northeastern India and Bangladesh

Deadly Cyclone Roanu will bring a major flood risk to northeastern India and Bangladesh as it slams onshore during the first half of the weekend. The first tropical cyclone of the season in the Bay of Bengal will make landfall in Bangladesh, near or just north of Chittagong, on Saturday.

Cyclone Roanu Puts Indian States on Alert

Authorities in southern India are on alert after weather officials predicted a cyclone packing winds of 68 miles per hour would hit parts of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa on the eastern coast this weekend.


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  1. It’s unbelievable to see that 2.3 million people have been impacted by this cyclone.