Zeldathon Blasts Off for Charity

Since 2009, Zeldathon events have raised over $875,000 for good causes

At 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on June 17, an all-star gathering of over 60 video gamers will begin Zeldathon, a gaming marathon expected to last longer than five days, all to raise funds for Direct Relief.

At Zeldathon, gamers play The Legend of Zelda series for 120 or more consecutive hours, while broadcasting their gameplay on Twitch, the leading social video platform and community for gamers and a primary sponsor.

Zeldathon2With a fundraising goal of $200,000, the upcoming event will offer a variety of incentives and challenges, including sing-alongs, strange food combinations, embarrassing costumes, and more – tactics that have helped grow Zeldathon into one of the world’s most successful gaming marathons for charity.

Since 2009, Zeldathon has raised more than $875,000 for charities such as Direct Relief, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and charity:water, with the latest marathon, held in December 2015, drawing 600,000 unique visitors and raising over $250,000 for the charity HelpHOPELive.

100% of funds raised through these marathons have gone directly to charity.

For more information, press assets, or to tune into the event, visit http://zeldathon.net.

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