The World is Full of Helpers #HelptheHelpers

The world is full of everyday heroes. They are the healthcare providers that Direct Relief supports in all 50 states and more than 80 countries worldwide.

Over the next few weeks, Direct Relief will be sharing their stories, which serve as a constant reminder that even in the direst situations, there are helpers, bandaging wounds and saving lives.

Photo by Jim Judkis.

Here they are:

A Helping Hand to Refugees in Jordan #HelptheHelpers

Helping Women in Peru Survive Cervical Cancer #HelptheHelpers

Helping People in the Himalayas See Again #HelptheHelpers

Helping Nepali Children with Disabilities Enjoy Healthy Lives #HelptheHelpers

Helping Patients in Afghanistan Manage Their Diabetes #HelptheHelpers

Protecting Front-Line Health Workers from Infectious Disease in Rural Haiti #HelptheHelpers

“There When the Community Needed Them Most”

U.S. Communities Hard-Hit by Hurricane Matthew; Volunteers Pitch In

Moved by Hurricane Matthew’s Impact, 8-Year-Old Raises Funds for Direct Relief

Zarway, a Midwife Success Story from Last Mile Health

Micheline’s Story: What it Takes to Beat Cervical Cancer in Haiti

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