The World is Full of Helpers #HelptheHelpers

The world is full of everyday heroes. They are the healthcare providers that Direct Relief supports in all 50 states and more than 80 countries worldwide.

Over the next few weeks, Direct Relief will be sharing their stories, which serve as a constant reminder that even in the direst situations, there are helpers, bandaging wounds and saving lives.

Photo by Jim Judkis.

Here they are:

A Helping Hand to Refugees in Jordan #HelptheHelpers

4.8 million people have fled Syria since war broke out in 2011. Many have sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Jordan, which is now home to 650,000 Syrian refugees. One organization working to address the health needs of Jordan’s refugee population is the Jordan Aid Health Society (JHAS).

Helping Women in Peru Survive Cervical Cancer #HelptheHelpers

CerviCusco, a medical organization based in Cusco, Peru, works to prevent, detect, and treat cervical cancer in its patient population. Since 2008, CerviCusco has treated more than 50,000 women in resource-poor areas for cervical cancer — free-of-charge.

Helping People in the Himalayas See Again #HelptheHelpers

In August 2016, Vaseline and Direct Relief partnered with CHEERS to conduct a medical mission in Bahrabise, Nepal. Doctors and medical staff from Kathmandu traveled to the facility to work alongside the specialists with the Vaseline Healing Project and provide comprehensive medical care to more than 2,000 patients.

Helping Nepali Children with Disabilities Enjoy Healthy Lives #HelptheHelpers

One organization helping Nepali children with disabilities receive medical care and rehabilitation is the Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC). Founded in 1985, HRDC is the largest pediatric orthopedic hospital and rehabilitation center in Nepal, performing an average of over 1,500 surgeries each year.

Helping Patients in Afghanistan Manage Their Diabetes #HelptheHelpers

One organization dedicated to building healthy communities is Alliance for Medical Outreach & Relief (AMOR). Since 2008, AMOR has supported five clinics and one hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. By targeting underserved communities and tailoring programs to the unique culture and needs of the population, AMOR’s goal is to reach impoverished people with life-saving health care and education.

Protecting Front-Line Health Workers from Infectious Disease in Rural Haiti #HelptheHelpers

In early December, a little boy arrived at the gates of St. Boniface Hospital nestled between his mother and father on a motorbike. Staff had been anticipating a case of this nature; the boy was the first case of diphtheria St. Boniface had received in years.

“There When The Community Needed Them Most”

While some people have “emergency response” somewhere in their job description, the role of responding to emergencies falls most often to those who do not. They’re teachers, office workers, day laborers, dog walkers, doctors, and nurses – anyone who, in a time of crisis, steps up to help their friends, family, neighbors, and community.

U.S. Communities Hit Hard by Hurricane Matthew; Volunteers Pitch In

While power outages, closed roads, and extensive flooding continue to disrupt U.S. areas deluged by Hurricane Matthew, Direct Relief received word Tuesday that two communities have opened prepositioned packs of medicines and supplies and are now using them to treat hurricane victims. Before the storm, Direct Relief prepositioned hurricane preparedness packs with health care partners in hurricane-prone states.

Moved by Hurricane Matthew’s Impact, 8-Year-Old Raises Funds for Direct Relief

Despite her own Florida home being pounded with wind and rain from Hurricane Matthew, 8-year-old Madeline Fox decided to reach out to others affected by the storm and raise support for emergency response efforts in the U.S. and Caribbean. Her fundraising page can be seen here.

Zarway, a Midwife Success Story from Last Mile Health

Even before becoming a Certified Midwife, Zarway was an advocate for justice, peace, and healing in her community. Trained in counseling as part of a women’s program to promote peace and justice in post-civil war Liberia, Zarway developed her listening and communication skills in a context that ignited in her a passion for healing and being of service to others.

Micheline’s Story: What it Takes to Beat Cervical Cancer in Haiti

The end of 2015 marked the third year of Direct Relief’s partnership with Basic Health International (BHI) and the St. Luke Foundation to implement a cervical cancer screening and treatment program at St. Luke’s Manitane Clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It also marked the successful treatment of our second patient diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer.

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