CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Delivers Direct Relief Medicines to Puerto Rico Hospital


Hurricane Maria


Direct Relief is working with the Department of Health in Puerto Rico and has provided an initial infusion of medications and supplies that had been requested.  Direct Relief staff are working on creating a medical supply chain with the community clinics Direct Relief has long been supporting as well as with the Department of Health.

The materials are packed in the Emergency Health Kit developed for rapid deployment, and the contents and quantities are based on experience of what’s most needed and requested in emergency situations.

On Friday, the materials were used to supply a medical team of 75 doctors who met in San Juan and fanned out to different sites around the island to provide medical care.

As the teams were breaking down the materials into smaller units for transport, Dr. Sanjay Gupta showed up while doing a story about the medical supply shortages.  He ended up delivering one order personally.

Puerto Rico’s Ministry of Health has requested many more of the modules, which Direct Relief staff is working throughout the weekend to prepare for shipment.

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