Earth’s Most Legendary Zelda Marathon Begins for Charity


Hundreds of thousands of video game enthusiasts from around the world will be tuning in this week to Zeldathon, a six-day, 136-hour gaming marathon that benefits Direct Relief.

At Zeldathon, gamers at an undisclosed location in western Pennsylvania will play The Legend of Zelda series non-stop from 4:00 p.m. EST today straight through to 10:00 a.m. on Jan. 2.

Zeldathon will broadcast live on Twitch (, where as many as 600,000 people per day have watched previous Zeldathon marathons.

Zeldathon’s organizers hope to raise as much as $200,000 for Direct Relief, says Zeldathon Co-Founder Matthew “MC” Moffit.

“In this Zeldathon, you’ll see a lot more fun things happening on screen, making it exciting to watch at all hours,” Moffit said Thursday as the final preparations were underway. “We want to put on a good show, have everyone enjoy themselves, find a good reason to donate, and maybe get a prize.”

Video gamers and live-streamers are among Direct Relief’s main sources of support. This year alone, Direct Relief has received more than 34,000 donations through platforms that include Twitch, Tiltify and Humble Bundle.

Since 2009, Zeldathon has raised more than $2 million for charities, including $600,000 for Direct Relief.

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