Mapping Cancer Care Across the Globe

Seven cities on four continents are part of the City Cancer Challenge, which aims to identify gaps in treatment and explore solutions.



Click the dashboard above to explore.
Click the dashboard above to explore which cities are participating in the City Cancer Challenge.

In recognition of World Cancer Day – a day aimed at raising awareness of a disease that claims the lives of 9.6 million people every year and ranks as the second leading cause of death worldwide – Direct Relief and the City Cancer Challenge developed an interactive data visualization that illustrates both the prevalence of cancer globally and efforts to advance equitable access to care and treatment.

The City Cancer Challenge Initiative was launched by the Union for International Cancer Control to increase accessibility to quality cancer treatments, as well as facilitate improved cancer care in seven cities worldwide. The seven partner cities will gather data about local gaps in cancer treatment in order to address them, and share those findings with other communities.

In addition to creating the dashboard, Direct Relief has provided monetary support to the City Cancer Challenge, and supports health facilities around the world with cancer treatment medications.

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