Efficiency & Leverage


In recent years, Direct Relief has spent less than two percent of its financial resources on fundraising efforts and administrative costs, such as salaries and benefits for staff members. Direct Relief’s long record of managing its resources in the most efficient manner possible has been a central part of the organization’s success in providing assistance to millions of people when they are most in need. Direct Relief’s financial practices are also why it has earned the continued support of our donors and recognition from the most credible non-profit rating organizations, such as Charity Navigator, as well as members of the media who monitor the best practices in philanthropy.


In Fiscal Year 2016, for every $1 in cash contributed to and spent on Direct Relief’s programs and supporting services (excluding fundraising expenses), the organization provided $48 in medical material assistance.

Program expenses for Fiscal Year 2016 totaled $21.1 million (excluding $4.4 million in cash grants). The expenditure of these funds enabled Direct Relief to furnish $760.3 million (wholesale value) of contributed medical material resources to 81 countries for the support of ongoing health needs and emergencies.