Local Knitting Group Gives Babies Loving Warmth


Hundreds of newborn babies around the world are greeted with a loving welcome thanks, in part, to a small team of women who meet weekly to knit baby hats that are then sent to Direct Relief’s partners worldwide. Every Wednesday afternoon, the group of about a dozen women gather at the Goleta Valley Public Library with their knitting baskets in tow to lovingly craft items for people in need.

Not only are the hats adorable, but they can make a big difference in the health of a newborn. They help the baby maintain a regular body temperature by compensating for heat loss through the head. Beyond keeping the baby warm, the hats also also act as an incentive for the mother to come to a clinic or health center for delivery or post-delivery care. This helps provide a healthy start for the baby and new mother.

But perhaps most important of all is that the knitted hats are a gift of love. Though the recipients will likely never meet these women, they know that someone took the time to create something special for their entry into the world.

 A mother in Ghana smiles with her baby. Courtesy photo.

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