Nutritional Aid Provided to Mexico Flood Survivors


Nutritional supplies continue to be distributed to people living in the state of Guerrero, Mexico who are still recovering from severe storms and heavy flooding that damaged many of the region’s poorest communities earlier this fall.

The delivery of more than 11,000 units of rehydration solution and nutritional supplements generously donated by Direct Relief’s supporter, Abbott, is being used to help families stay healthy and be able to rebuild their communities.

Local doctors based at a health center in Cacahuatepec disbursed the aid to people who live in places where their regular water supply has been tainted due to infrastructure damage caused by the storm and/or where food supplies were lost during heavy flooding. The nutritionals will also help combat an increase in diarrhea and dehydration noted by medical professionals treating people in the areas affected.

The Emergency Response Team is working on additional shipments of medicines and supplies to help people in Guerrero. Please subscribe to this blog to receive updates regarding this response.

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