Tropical Cyclone Pam: Medical Needs Assessment Underway


Cyclone Pam

Vanuatu, Kiribati, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and Fiji

Cyclone Pam, which barreled across the central and southern islands of Vanuatu this week, caused widespread destruction of homes and infrastructure and cut communication between the capital, Port Vila, and the outer islands.

There have been 11 confirmed casualties so far (revised down from 24), and an estimated 3,300 people are living in some 37 evacuation centers. Power and water are down in most of the capital. The airport has been reopened to international flights, however, inter-island transportation is down and emergency medical assistance and aid has not yet reached the outer islands.

Direct Relief is en route to Vanuatu to connect with a representative at the regional hospital and MOH and help coordinate the inbound delivery of emergency medical supplies. Working with Palantir technologies, Direct Relief will also assess the need for critical medical resources and coordinate broader response activities as necessary.

With a large percentage of the population now displaced or without proper shelter, public health issues and the potential for outbreaks of disease will remain a key concern.

Reported deaths: 11 (revised down from 24 deaths)

Estimated IDPs due to Cyclone: 3,300 (confirmed IDPs)

Estimated Affected Population: 260,000

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