Emergency Update: 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Ecuador



A state of emergency remains in place across six provinces in Ecuador, after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake Saturday killed more than 400 people and left at least 2,500 injured.

The figures are likely to rise, as more information comes in from the hardest-hit provinces of Manabi, Esmeraldas, Santa Elena, Guayas, Santo Domingo, and Los Rios.


Immediately after the quake, the government of Ecuador activated emergency protocols. The Emergency Operations Center, Ecuador’s military, and the National Police have all been mobilized as part of the response.

While there has been no official request for international assistance from the government of Ecuador, Direct Relief is in contact with Ecuador’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Relations (MoFR), should the need arise for assistance.

At this stage, Direct Relief has provided the MoPH with a detailed offer of emergency medicines and medical supplies.

Due to the increased exposure of displaced populations to the Zika virus, Direct Relief has also made available Zika prevention items such as insect repellent and contraceptives.

Additionally, Direct Relief is in contact with two medical response teams that are on standby to deploy if required.

Direct Relief will continue to monitor the situation, coordinate with local partners, and provide updates as the situation evolves.

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