Emergency Update: Sand Fire Rages Through Santa Clarita Valley



Updated July 26, 10:11 A.M.

Having torched more than 37,400 acres and prompted the evacuation of at least 10,000 homes and 20,000 residents, the Sand Wildfire stands at 25 percent containment as it burns through Santa Clarita Valley. As many as 18 homes have been destroyed.

The wildfire’s rapid spread this week is attributed to California’s five-year drought, low humidity, and an extreme heatwave in the region.

Direct Relief’s Response

The threats to human health on which Direct Relief focuses include the needs of evacuees as well as the effects of smoke and fine particulate matter in the air, which can pose severe complications for people with existing respiratory conditions.

To address these concerns, Direct Relief’s emergency response team has been in communications with a broad network of local responders and is mobilizing supplies for healthcare partners based on their requests.

Direct Relief maintains a comprehensive inventory of fire-related items – N-95 particulate masks, inhalers, nebulizers, and personal care items – for wildfire events.

These items are available and deployed at the request of County responders and community-based health organizations.

Direct Relief will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as the situation evolves.

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