Nepal: Midwives’ Chronic Needs Become Urgent After Earthquakes

Nepal Midwives Attend to Pregnant Woman Credit: Castaneira

Responding to the increased risk facing an estimated 126,000 pregnant women in Nepal after last month’s devastating earthquakes, Direct Relief has committed an initial $100,000 in emergency cash to the Midwifery Society of Nepal (MIDSON), in addition to Midwife Kits and tents. MIDSON also will receive technical assistance from the International Confederation of Midwives to support the continuity and expansion of the critical services MIDSON provides for mothers and newborns.

“Women feel neither safe nor secure, and midwives– also victims of the quake — lack sufficient medical commodities,” said Kiran Bajracharya, President of MIDSON.  “I express my sincere gratitude to Direct Relief and ICM. Their support means that midwives in Nepal can provide survivors with respectful care.”

Since the earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, Direct Relief has delivered 60 tons of medical supplies and medications to several hospitals and other sites throughout the country.  With guidance from ICM and other Nepal-based organizations, Direct Relief is preparing additional deliveries that include tents to serve as birthing centers and pregnancy-specific medical supplies, delivered by One Heart World-Wide.

  1. What is the absorptive capacity of the Nepalese to manage all of the international aid?

  2. We only send items that have been requested by local groups in order to make sure that it is a quantity they can absorb.

  3. Thank you
    Thank you ICM and Direct relief fund members. the slogan Chronic need become urgent set by ICM really suitable and welcome. you really understood our condition once our president expressed our situation.Only yesterday she got time to explain about all these things to us due to we all are busy in the activities within the working office and professional association of health relief and restrengthening work within the valley area and remote specially in highly damaged district. The problem wil not only in present time we imagine there will be many potential problems for long time specially for women and children.there may be unwanted ha penning in the tented camps among the girls and women that may create many social,psychological problem apart from the physical health .The urgent needs to work for all these things are there for all these thins .
    we all the nurse/midwives like to thank ICM for your commitment of support and suggestions us how to work in this situation. thank you.