Emergency Update: Tornadoes, Storms Sweep Across U.S.

On December 23rd, immediately following initial reports of tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama, Direct Relief extended offers of assistance to health centers and clinics in the area. That offer has since expanded to include Georgia, Texas and other states.

To date, Direct Relief has sent $270K in emergency medical aid to clinics and health centers in Mississipi, where tornadoes killed ten people and caused widespread damage to buildings. The emergency shipments were airlifted by FedEx — free-of-charge.

Among the recipients is North Mississippi Primary Health Care, Inc. (NMPCH), a community health center that operates in Northeast Mississippi. NMPHC staff reported tornado damage in three of the communities they serve and numerous patients with storm-related injuries.

Direct Relief is preparing to send another 2,000 lbs. of medical aid tomorrow for Mississippi. The shipment contains items such as insulin and antibiotics, as well as personal care supplies donated by CVS.

As a growing number of states face weather-related emergencies, Direct Relief is prepared to respond with additional medical resources.

Severe Weather Across the U.S.



11 counties were deemed disaster as of Monday morning, after at least four tornadoes were reported in Arkansas on Sunday, along with intense storms, high winds, and hail, ripping off roofs and uprooting trees. The state is expected to experience floods through Wednesday


At least one person died as a result of sustained rains and floods across Georgia.


Flash floods and blizzard conditions in Illinois resulted in the deaths of five people Saturday.


A deadly tornado that struck Wednesday in Mississippi killed ten people and damaged numerous structures.


Heavy rainfall and flooding has caused at least 10 deaths. Officials expect that number to rise.

New Mexico

At least one person has died in New Mexico as a result of extreme weather and blizzard conditions. In response, the Governor has declared a state of emergency.


As many as nine tornadoes swept through the Dallas area Saturday, killing at least 11 people, injuring dozens, and damaging as many as 1,400 homes.

Updates will follow as the situation develops.

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