Operational Update: 448 Medical Aid Shipments. $530,000 in Funding. 42 US States and Territories. 10 Countries. 1 Week.



Medical aid prepared for delivery to health centers and clinics across the US. (Photo: Tony Morain)

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 448 shipments of requested medical aid to 46 US states and territories and ten countries worldwide.

The shipments contained more than 6 million defined daily doses of medication, including a temperature-sensitive monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-19 from Eli Lilly that arrived in Rwanda.

In the US, Direct Relief delivered 448 shipments weighing 45.4 thousand lbs and containing 1.2 million doses of medications.

The largest US shipments by value (wholesale) went to the following organizations:

  • Wellness Pointe, Texas ($290.4K)
  • North Beach Community Health Center, Florida ($194.8K)
  • Community Health, Illinois ($184.6K)
  • HIV Alliance, Oregon ($169.4K)
  • Clinica Esperanza Hope Clinic, Rhode Island ($161.2K)
  • Palmetto Health Council, Inc., Georgia ($142.8K)
  • HP Health, Texas ($101.3K)
  • Agape Clinic, Texas ($91.9K)
  • Kintegra Family Medicine, North Carolina ($80.6K)

Globally, Direct Relief shipped this week more than 4.9 million defined daily doses of medication totaling 30.2k lbs.

Items included Covid-19 treatments, chemotherapy medications, antibiotics, diabetes management products, and protective gear.

The following organizations received supplies:

  • Asociacion Vida Peru, Peru ($1.9M)
  • Health Ministry, The Republic of Armenia ($1.9M)
  • Ministerio de Salud, Honduras ($192.1K)
  • Karabakh Health Ministry, Armenia ($176.2K)
  • Ministry of Health, Rwanda ($166.7K)
  • Muratsan University Hospital Endocrinology Clinic, Armenia ($146.5K)
  • ANERA, Lebanon ($89.3K)
  • Ebeye Community Health Center, Marshall Islands ($71.4K)
  • Saint Grigor Lusavorich Medical Center, Armenia ($68.3K)
  • The Claudia Nazarian Medical Center at the AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center, Armenia ($67K)
  • Diabetes Association of Jamaica, Jamaica ($38K)
  • Servicios de Salud de Morelos, Mexico ($15K)
  • Ministerio de Salud, Nicaragua ($14K)
  • Institute of Perinatology Obstetrics and Gynecology, Armenia ($9.5K)
Pallets of medical aid bound for Somaliland. (Photo: Tony Morain)
Pallets of medical aid bound for Somaliland. (Photo: Tony Morain)

In addition to providing material assistance, Direct Relief granted $530,000 to the Foundation of Amazon Sustainability to purchase oxygen concentrators as the Brazilian state of Amazonas faces a worsening Covid crisis and a severe lack of medical oxygen. Hospitals and health centers in 24 municipalities currently treating the most Covid-19 patients, including indigenous communities, will receive the equipment.

Year to Date

Since January 1, 2021, Direct Relief has delivered 2,637 shipments to 1,068 partner organizations in 51 US states and territories and 62 countries. These shipments contained 47.8 million defined daily doses of medication value at $178.5 million (wholesale) and totaled 1.4 million lbs. (700 tons).

Other grants from Direct Relief this year have supported the following organizations:

  • Ain Shams University Hospital
  • Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers
  • Atlantic Medical Center Sabana Hoyos
  • Bayou Clinic
  • CAF-Africa
  • Centro de Salud Familiar Dr. Julio Palmieri Ferri, Inc.
  • Centro de Servicios Primarios de Salud
  • Centros Integrados de Servicios de Salud
  • Children in Trouble
  • Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
  • Community Health Center Association of Mississippi
  • Concilio de Salud Integral de Loiza, Inc
  • Corporación de Servicios Médicos Primarios y Prevención de Hatillo, Inc.
  • Corporación SANOS, Inc.
  • COSSMA, Inc.
  • Florida Association of Community Health Centers
  • Fort Defiance Indian Hospital
  • Foundation for Puerto Rico
  • Foundation of Amazon Sustainability
  • Gift of the Givers
  • Global Health Access Program (GHAP)
  • Groundswell UK
  • Gynocare Women’s and Fistula Hospital in Kenya
  • Health Equity International (Haiti)
  • Health Net, Inc
  • HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh, Inc.
  • Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers
  • Midwives for Haiti
  • National Black Church Initiative
  • National Black Nurses Association
  • NC MedAssist
  • NeoMed Center, Inc.
  • Northeast Valley Health
  • Oxnard Firefighters Foundation, Inc
  • Rio Beni Health Foundation
  • Salud Integral en la Montaña, Inc.
  • The Navajo Nation
  • University of KwaZulu Natal
  • Yayasan Bumi Sehat

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